Fediverse #TTRPG Crowdfunding


This is the number of posts to query per tag. If you set this to 5, and you have 2 tags, you will get up to 10 posts.

Comma separated list of tags to search for. These will be combined with #ttrpg.

The server to query. It needs to be publicly accessible. It's recommended to use the server you have an account on.

by Kyle


Built by me because I wanted a way to see the latest posts about crowdfunding of TTRPGs on the fediverse.

This site pulls in posts with the #ttrpg tag, and then also whichever tags you specify in options. For each tag you add, an additional network request is made, and then they are grouped together in the list.

I recommend keeping the limit low and the amount of tags low as well to reduce your impact on whichever server you're querying.

This site only supports servers that are publicly queryable.

The User-Agent is currently 'Fediverse TTRPG Crowdfunding 1.0.0'.

With the exception of the AlpineJS library used, the code for this page is all in this single html file.

License: CC0